So the thread never tears:


The particular ingenuity of our paraffin rolls lies in their manufacturing process and in the high quality formula we use. These factors give the wax its special qualities. The smooth “Reseda secret” is there for you to try. The high purity of our paraffin, free of foreign particles and air bubbles, is achieved using a special casting process.

Wax rolls by Reseda Binder are distinguished by a particularly low paraffin consumption and even distribution along the yarn. The wax is free of air bubbles and has a remarkably high degree of purity. What is more, our rolls let manufacturers achieve high machine efficiency thanks to extraordinarily low friction levels. In short, Reseda Binder wax rolls save time and money.

Good Reasons for Reseda:

Greater machine efficiency in knitting thanks to optimum friction levels

Protection against paraffin deposits

Greater machine efficiency and productivity in spinning


Perfect dimensional accuracy of rolls

Even, specific application

Washes out
easily and completely


Eco passport certified since 1993

needle lifetime
in knitting

Ultimate purity
and melting qualities