Yarn runs smoothly:

Innovations are our tradition

Here at Reseda Binder we place great value on the continuous optimisation of our products. For this reason, we work hand in hand with renowned textile research institutes and machine manufacturers Rieter and Schlafhorst.

Apart from our patented WasteWatcher® , we have also developed our own friction level meter which can be used to calculate the optimum paraffin application for any type of yarn or yarn quality. The friction levels are calculated lectronically and accurately, and can be analysed directly on the practical touch screen. Under-waxing and over-waxing with paraffin should therefore now be a thing of the past. Our other new product developments include steam wax paraffins that offer numerous benefits for the production process. 

files/res/images/reseda_binder_diagram_gruen.jpg Optimum wax application     files/res/images/reseda_binder_diagram_blau.jpg Over-waxed yarn

files/res/images/reseda_binder_diagram_rot.jpg Under-waxed yarn       files/res/images/reseda_binder_diagram_schwarz.jpg Unwaxed yarn

Friction tester
Reseda Binder is not just a supplier, we are also a technology developer. Our friction level tester determines the ideal paraffin formula by measuring yarn friction levels.

Waste Watcher®

The watchful wax roll.

Simple but brilliant:
The innovative holes show when it is time to change the roll. This patented method of simplifying checks saves time and it also saves money.