Smooth Performance.

We Produce

Every year, millions of wax rolls are manufactured by fully automated production at our factories. Every roll has exact dimensions and optimum melting qualities. We also manufacture to formulae that are tailor-made to meet customer requirements perfectly. 

Materials as varied as cotton, wool, rayon staple, mixed yarns or dyed yarns need paraffin that suits their individual characteristics. The important characteristics for NATURAFIN rolls are melting point,  structure, oil content and the penetration level, which denotes the hardness of the paraffin.

Reseda Binder® can supply wax rolls for all machine types used for waxing yarn with the optimum paraffin specifications and paraffin qualities. The penetration value describes the penetration depth of a test needle (in tenths of a millimetre). We colour tint our paraffin types to distinguish the different wax qualities. The colours used do not have any effect on the appearance of finished products.